Classroom Connections

One of the great things technology allows us to do is connect with other teachers, students, classrooms, and experts around the world.  It’s just a matter of making those connections.  This post provides a couple ideas on how to do that.

Google +

Many educators are using Google + to create and join professional communities.  Google + is one of the apps available to you through your school account.  If you need more information on getting started, the WFB Technology Support Site can help you out.  Below are a few communities that I have personally used to make connections with other classes.  I make a quick post about the class that’s interested, what we want to do, and when we are available, and responses come in pretty quickly!

Google Hangouts in Education

Connected Classroom Workshop

Mystery Hangout for Schools


There are many hashtags on Twitter used for different areas in education. Check out these articles for lists broken down by topic or subject area to find something that interests you.

The Complete Guide to Twitter Hashtags for Education

The 10 Twitter Hashtags All Teachers Should Follow

To connect for a mystery call try #MysterySkype  and  #MysteryHangout.

Do you have another great way to make connections around the world?  Share in the comments!



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