Stay Organized with Keep

keepWe all have different ways to stay organized, notifications on our phones, lists, post-it notes (way too many post-it notes)!  I have found Google Keep to be a helpful tool for my various lists and notes.  Keep is a Google app that is available within your school account:  I keep it open in a tab all day so that I can check off tasks as I finish them.  It’s also an app on my phone so I always have it with me.

It’s simple to use.  Create a note, title it, and start writing.  You can write a note or add checkboxes to mark off tasks as you go.  Other features:

NotificationsReminder for Keep

You can set a notification based on a date and a time to be reminded, or choose a location.  When you arrive at that location, the reminder will be activated.


Organize and Search

When you create a note, you can give it a background color and tags to easily find it later.  You can also search your notes by keyword or filter based on a variety of things.  To keep your notes visually organized, you can drag and drop notes to exactly where you want them.


CollaborateKeep (1)

As with other Google services, you can share notes so that you and your team can stay on the same page.  If the information in the note gets to be too much, you can copy it to a Google Doc instead.  Just open the note and click on the overflow menu (three dots).  It gives you the option to Copy to Google Doc.  That’s it!


Voice Memos

With the phone app, you can take voice memos instead of typing out your note.  Tap the microphone icon at the bottom of the app and start speaking.  It will dictate your message and add a new note.


Give it  a try!

There are many note-taking options out there, but I have found Google Keep to be a simple and effective tool to keep myself organized.  Have you tried it out or use something else that you love?  Let everyone know in the comments!



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