Plickers – Quick Feedback Through Student Response

There are numerous ways to gauge student understanding during a lesson, both with the use of technology and without.  Many of you are already using platforms like Socrative, Kahoot, Quizziz, or Poll Everywhere, which allow students to use their own devices to respond to polls or questions that help assess understanding and keep students engaged.  These systems can also provide a voice for students who are reluctant to speak up in class and allow teachers to adjust instruction on the spot while providing anonymity to the students who are struggling with the concept.

What about a classroom where not everyone has access to a device? What about younger students?  It can take a chunk of time to get them to the correct interface to provide a response like this.

Plickers is a free alternative which does not require students to have devices.  Rather, each student gets a card with an image on it.  The direction that they hold these cards indicates their answer choices, and only the teacher needs a device to scan these cards.


Students hold up the cards to indicate their answer, and the teacher scans the room using the Plickers app on their phone or iPad.  The answers appear on a graph as they are scanned, and questions and responses are also saved for the teacher to reference later.  The cards are numbered and can be assigned to specific students, so the teacher can look at data on a per student basis to determine individual student needs.

Getting started is easy.  Print the Plickers cards from their website, download the app and create an account, create your class, and write your questions.

The resources below walk you through getting started with Plickers.

Plickers Website Tutorial

Getting Started Guide


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