LAUNCH – Using Design Thinking

lauch-bookI’ve had this book for a couple weeks now, and I am excited to dive in!  Design Thinking is all about allowing kids to be makers, designers, artists, and engineers.  It allows them to unleash their creative potential and be empowered to control their learning.  Design thinking is a framework for creative work that is used in a variety of industries and with the LAUNCH cycle, John Spencer has created a student-friendly way for kids to approach design thinking.

Follow his blog for more information and ideas.  His recent post about what happens when kids become design thinkers highlights the benefits of working in this way.


Created by John Spencer and licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

What is Design Thinking?

In the book, Spencer describes design thinking as “a way of solving problems that encourages positive risk-taking and creativity.”  The process helps to create a framework for an otherwise messy creative process. It helps students move step by step through the creative journey, during which they have to research, learn, ask questions, design, reflect, rethink, and share.

I find this process so exciting because it gets at many of the Seven Thriving Dispositions that we are working toward in the district – Accessing & Analyzing Information, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Communication, and Curiosity, for example.

As I learn more about the process and how it can be used in Makerspaces, Genius Hour, and other classroom activities, I will have more to share.  Stay tuned!


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