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4th Grade Learning and Sharing with Google Drive

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of 4th grade classes over the last couple of weeks on a variety of Google Drive topics.  We’ve learned how to organize Google Drive folders, share and collaborate on documents, create effective slide presentations, and even create forms to gather information for research projects.  Students have been enthusiastic learners and have surprised me with some of the things they have been able to figure out on their own.

Here’s what we’ve been learning:

  • How to create and color code folders to stay organized.
  • How to share documents and slides with peers and teachers for collaboration and feedback.
  • What makes a good slide presentation and how to create one.
  • How to create a google form to gather information or use as a pre-test and post-test.

Mrs. Ade’s 4th grade class is currently working on a self-chosen research project incorporating Google tools.  As a part of the research process, students created a google form to gather information from their classmates.  Some students used this a a pre-test of sorts to find out what their classmates already know about their topic, and will give the survey again to see how much they learn after the presentation.  Other students used it to gather information to inform their research.  For example, one student is using her research project to make a decision on what musical instrument to play.  Her survey asked what instruments students already play and what they would choose to play if they could choose any instrument.  Stay tuned for the final results of these projects in January!

Other classes are learning the basics of Google Slides, and how to create an effective presentation.  We have all sat through PowerPoints where the presenter reads paragraphs of text off their slides.  It’s boring!  We want to teach students good presentation skills so the audience focuses on what they are saying – and doesn’t just read their slides.  Here’s what I used to demonstrate basic tips of not using too much text, keeping slides readable (watch those color choices!), and focusing more on your content than the transitions and animations.

Contact me if you’d like to incorporate any of these things into your classroom and would like some support!