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Hour of Code – Computer Science Education Week

In honor of Computer Science Education week – December 7-13 – schools are encouraged to host an Hour of Code Event.  The goal of these events is to introduce students to computer science and show them that coding is fun and accessible.  Anyone can learn the basics!

Computer Science students were on hand to answer questions in the LMC. They were designated with orange Hour of Code stickers!

Computer Science students ready to answer questions in the LMC.


On Friday, December 11, high school math teachers used the class period to provide students the opportunity to code.  Some used the library space and others grabbed Chromebooks for their classrooms.  In the LMC, Computer Science students were on hand as volunteers to help out and answer questions.  Students chose one of the hour of code activities at code.org/learn and spent the period playing with code.

To provide inspiration as to why classes were spending on a day on coding, teachers began with a great video or two on why coding is important.  Find more inspirational videos on Hour of Code’s You Tube channel.

Feedback from students was positive:

“[I learned that] I could possibly be interested in this field.”

“We did the easier version, but it’s cool that this is a real job with many other options to consider.”

“I enjoyed this day more than I thought I would and it wasn’t too difficult.  I learned what types of things coding can do and how important the skill can be.

The resources provided through Hour of Code span all age levels and are available 24/7.  Another great resource is Scratch, provided free of charge from the MIT Media Lab.  These events don’t have to be limited to one week only, so feel free to introduce coding to your students.  They just might find a passion!