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Pixlr Promotes Creativity

High school French and German classes have begun a unit titled “Beauty and Aesthetics.”  To help students learn and practice new vocabulary, French teacher Danielle Schoenwetter planned an activity in which students made an ugly picture beautiful and a beautiful picture ugly.  Using the new vocabulary, they then had to explain what they did and how that changed the aesthetics of the images.

The students used Pixlr, an online photo editing program similar to PhotoShop.  The benefit to an online program like this is that students can add it to their Google drive and do all of their work on a Chromebook.  The image is saved directly to their Google Drive and can be shared easily with the teacher.

Both teachers reported that the students were highly engaged in this activity and produced creative images.  For example, one student found a photo of an oil field for her “ugly” image and turned it into an ocean. The explanation of that change used quite a bit of new vocabulary!