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Capture your Screen with Snagit

I will preface this by saying that I love Snagit!  I have been using it to create quick how-to videos when someone has a question that is answered more easily with a visual walkthrough, as opposed to an email or conversation.  I also use it to create help documents because I can easily take a snap shot of what a menu looks like or what to click on.  This is much easier for people to follow than text alone.

So what is it?

Snagit for Google Chrome is an extension that allows you to take a screenshot or screencast from within your browser.  The screen capture tool allows you to take a snapshot of all or a region of your screen and annotate it with text, arrows, and shapes.  The screen recording tool allows you to record and narrate a video of the activity within your chrome browser.  These are great tools for showing “how-to” or having students explain their thinking.  Here’s a quick overview:

Is there something that you need to show students multiple times for them to understand it?  Create a screen recording that students can refer back to as many times as they need.  Post it to your class website, Google classroom, or share it with students so it is available right within their drive accounts.  Your screen captures and recordings save directly into your Google Drive into a folder called TechSmith, so they can be shared in the same way as any other file; with a few people or an entire class.

Want to learn more?  Here’s an overview:

Snagit for Chrome Extension Overview

And a quick tutorial video (the look of the app is updated slightly, but features are the same):